Tips for Locating the Plumber That Is Right for You

Quickness in attending emergencies and completing the work quickly with complete confidence are the hallmarks of a good plumbing service provider in Adelaide. It is not very difficult to find out the service providers for plumbing services as all of them have websites. But the challenge lies in finding out the most competent service provider who can clean clogged drain, blocked toilet, broken pipe or leaking tap in the shortest possible time and in the most befitting manner. You have to be alert not to fall into the trap of sweet talkers who might promise quick fix solutions that can superficially address the problem that would soon resurface only to compound your problems and associated costs of setting it right. In order to get the right plumber learn how to evaluate their abilities so that you are never deceived.

Round the clock service

The plumber should have the infrastructure to provide services 24×7 throughout the year because plumbing problems have to be attended on priority as soon as it is detected. It is something similar to the fire services minus the risk levels associated with it. It requires the same kind of attitude to rescue people in crisis that firemen possess and plumbers should be smart and agile to give confidence to customers. No matter what time it is, you should be able to get the services.

Licenced plumbers only

Plumbing is not anybody’s job and never trust plumbers who may be skilled but does not have a licence. Legally speaking, plumbers are supposed to have a licence for rendering plumbing services in Adelaide. Therefore, look for licenced plumbers only so that there is enough accountability on the part of the service provider and you are on the right side of the law.

Experience matters

The knowledge of plumbing might be the same with several plumbers but the experience that really influences the knowledge base can vary considerably. Those with longer experience would have a better grasp of the subject as they have encountered more difficult situations and can be considered to be more learned. Their level of expertise is much higher than those with less experience and it makes sense to depend on experienced  Adelaide plumbers.

Check the quality of work

Reviews of customers that are posted on the websites of plumbing service providers are some indications of the quality of services that has been rendered. However, it is not right to take such reviews on face value but use it as a lead to shortlist the service provider for further evaluation. The best ways is to talk to friends, neighbours and acquaintances to find out about their experience and be guided by it as these feedbacks are more real and reliable.

Obtain an estimate

Get an estimate for the work that has to be done. Evaluate the quoted price by analysing the cost elements. Avoid the lure of low rates which might be deceiving and concentrate on correct analysis of rates so that you know what you are paying for and whether the cost is justified.

Weigh Your Options When Selecting Hot Water Systems

How much hot water does an average household in Adelaide consume?  It may be difficult to answer this question in terms of volume of water consumed but it can be well gauged from the energy that is consumed on an average every month. According to figures available from various studies, it has been revealed that almost 25 percent of energy bills are directly related to the generation of hot water.  This also underlines the importance of hot water in Australian households that simply cannot do without it. Therefore, during the selection of the right hot water system, it is important to consider the energy consumption of the unit. In addition, the impact of the heating system on the environment has also to be considered as the Australian government is opposed to any new installation of electrical hot water systems. Knowing the options that are available will facilitate the right choice.

Hot Water System

Electrical hot water system

The source of energy differentiates hot water systems that are available in three types – electrical hot water system, gas hot water system and solar hot water system. The electrical hot water system is the most traditional heating system that uses electrical energy to heat water that is contained in an insulated tank inside the equipment. In some other types the flowing water gets heated without the need of storing it. This is known as continuous heating system and the former is the storage type. Electrical heating elements that are immersed in water get heated by electrical energy and transmit the heat to water that becomes hot. A thermostat is used to limit the heating so that after a desired temperature is achieved the power supply is automatically switched off. Once the temperature comes down below the set limit, the system restarts on its own. Electrical hot water systems require low initial investment but running cost is high.

Gas heated hot water system

Natural gas or Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) are common fuels used for gas hot water systems. A covered burner is placed beneath the hot water storage is used to burn the gas and generate heat energy that is used to energise heaters immersed in water in order to heat it.  The type of gas that is used depends on the system requirements. The overall cost of using gas hot water systems is much low as compared to electrical hot water systems. Moreover, gas heaters are much more eco-friendly and receives the patronage of the Australian government that promotes eco-friendly measures in daily life.

Solar hot water system

This is the latest addition in the range of water heating systems used in Adelaide and is being promoted as a better alternative to conventional energy sources. Solar panels containing solar cells are placed on rooftops. It absorbs the sunlight and an inverter is used to convert the solar energy into electrical energy that heats water with the help of heaters. This clean energy source appears to be costly upfront but with rapid advancement in technology and government encouragement, it is likely to become a cheap source of energy to be used for heating systems.

How Gas Users Should Behave in Case of Gas Leakage

Users of gas systems are well aware about the hazards and risks associated with it and rely heavily on the services of gas plumbers Adelaide to ensure that the system runs smoothly and safely. The safety aspect of gas systems puts it in a special category of the overall plumbing services that has to be attended by qualified and licenced gas fitters. Calling a service provider for any assistance in gas systems will ensure that a competent gas fitter arrives at your door step in no time. Whenever any leak is detected in the gas system, which is the most alarming situation, call for a gas fitter without thinking twice about it. Since emergencies can strike any moment, it is therefore, prudent on the part of gas users to keep the contact details of plumbing service providers handy so that the best use of the helpline can be made.

Take precautions

As soon as the call is received by the plumbing company, they would like to know about the nature of the problem. If it is leakage then they would advise you some precautionary measures that have to be taken so that the problem does not get aggravated till help arrives. Since the gas is invisible and can be only be smelt, it is difficult to identify the places where it might have spread. Switching off electricity to the location where the leakage has happened and isolating the place by shutting doors is a measure that is usually suggested. Opening of the windows would allow the gas to escape outside thereby reducing the risk of accidental fire. While all these are being done, the gas fitter would be on his way to your place.

Be cool and calm

When gas leakage happens, users are advised to maintain their cool and keep their minds clear so that nothing escapes their attention. This is important because the incident has to be narrated as much correctly as possible to the gas fitter so that it becomes easy for him to understand the problem and helps him detect the point from where the leakage has happened. Any wrong information that might be shared with the gas fitter can delay the identification of the leakage spot.

Follow the advices

The gas fitter’s advices for immediate preventive actions that are conveyed on phone have to be carried out properly as it is the first line of defence that has to be created to minimise fire hazards.  Panic reaction should be avoided at all costs and the instructions have to be understood correctly so that it can be implemented without any problems. The time gap between this action and the arrival of the gas fitter is crucial in ensuring complete safety of the place.

Although it is a normal practice to call for estimates before awarding the work, gas system leakage can be treated as an exception, considering the hazards associated to it. The focus should be not on how much you spend but on how soon and how well you can manage the situation.

The Ideal Profile of a Gas Fitter in Adelaide

For maintaining a gas system at home or any commercial establishment and to repair any gas appliance, one has to rely of the professional services of gas fitters who are usually associated with various companies in Adelaide that provide plumbing services. Individual gas fitters can also be relied upon provided they are licenced and have the infrastructure and expertise that is required to attend to emergencies, which can arise at any moment. The professional companies are better placed to respond in the most appropriate manner to all gas fitting problems including emergencies. The companies have the latest know-how about the best industry practices and have access to the latest technology besides ensuring compliance with all safety requirements during work which is critical for gas pipelines. The companies can undertake all kinds of installation work as well as repair and maintenance of gas pipelines and appliances and even guarantee the quality of workmanship that generates a lot of confidence among customers.

Scope of work

The range of work that these companies are capable of doing will help to assess their abilities and understand how far it will be suitable for your needs. Installation of new gas systems and its extension, maintaining existing systems and repairing the existing systems are all included in the service portfolio of these companies. From room heaters, space heaters, cook tops and gas ovens to hot water systems, everything can be entrusted to the professional gas fitters. They are experts in detecting and locating leaks in the system and use advanced technology that eliminates the need of welding pipelines that are used for gas installations thereby reducing the possibilities of leakage.

Skill enhancement

In order to render the most competent service that stays tuned with times, the gas fitters in the gas fitting companies are continually trained to improve their skills. The gas fitters have long experience in the field and this has enhanced their knowledge base as they have encountered numerous challenging situations that have left them more confident. The emphasis is on safety and the trainings help to keep themselves updated with all Australian safety regulations. They are conversant in working with Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Natural Gas.

Contacting gas fitters

The contact details of the gas fitting companies are available on their websites and you can call them on phone to record your service request. The plumbers are trained to respond in the shortest time and after knowing from you about the nature of the problem, they will arrive at your place, equipped with all tools, tackles and other resources that would be required for the work.

Educating the users

Gas fitters not only attend to the problems but are continuously interacting with their customers to educate them about the best practices that should be followed to ensure complete safety in using gas systems. They take up the responsibility of making gas use safer that can protect lives.

This added dimension of their profile which normally remains invisible is in no way less important to their skills, knowledge and expertise in repairing and maintaining gas systems.

How to Become a Qualified Plumber in Adelaide

Plumbing services can be compared with any other emergency services that are rendered round the clock throughout the year. Plumbers are related to water lines, gas lines and sewer lines that need immediate attention for repair. The quality of plumbing services is evaluated by fast response times in attending problems and the quality of work. Adelaide plumbers are licenced and qualified to attend all kinds of plumbing requirements for domestic and commercial establishments and are in high demand.

Licence has to be obtained

To become a plumber in Adelaide who can render services to the public it is essential to obtain a plumber’s licence by completing an apprenticeship that culminates in awarding the candidate with a Certificate III in plumbing. The person can now offer commercial plumbing services in his individual capacity or can work for a company that provides plumbing services. After the issuance of licence on completion of the apprenticeship, the Consumer and Business Services (CBS) issues a Plumbing workers Registration that enables the plumber to commence work. Even companies and partnerships intending to provide plumbing services have to hold a licence that has been made mandatory as per the Plumbers, Gas Fitters and Electricians Act 1995.

Migrants also get licence

Those who migrate to South Australia are also eligible to apply for a licence in plumbing provided they have acquired the technical skills as listed in Certificate III that are necessary to become a qualified plumber, albeit in some other country. It is not enough to have acquired the skills but it also must be duly assessed by the appropriate authority of that country that has to be recorded in the OTSR or Offshore Technical Skills Record. Not only the skills that have been tested in the practical assessment are reflected in the OTSR but also the gaps that need to be filled up to become compliant with the Australian standards are shown. To bridge the gap Australian Minimal Context Gap Training or AMCG has to be undertaken while the CBS issues a provisional licence for working. However, the plumber is not allowed to carry out work unless it is directly supervised.

After completing the AMCG in accordance to the laid down conditions, the registered training organisation issues a certificate for AQF or Australian Qualification Framework.

Prior learning is also recognised

There are exceptions to the procedure stated above for people who might have the right skills and knowledge that have been acquired through some other accredited course or might have been gained through work experience, self-tuition, formal training or some other means of formal studies. However, for such people it is necessary to take the RPL route which entails going through the process of Recognition of Prior Learning.

By obtaining a Trade Recognition, the plumber is allowed to work unsupervised that enables him to work in individual capacity. It also helps those who have gained experience and skills in other countries to get employed. The plumber is now considered suitable to become qualified for training apprentices and even continue further studies.